About us

JANZEN originated from our love for travelling

When we visited Grasse in the south of France, we started dreaming of making ‘non-everyday wealth’ feel common. We begon to combine several special ingredients, perfumes and colors which we had discovered. The result was the possibility to feel and experience those magnificent colors and perfumes, always and everywhere.

In 2010 we produced our first perfume 

JANZEN products tell a story about travelling around the world. From Australian sandalwood to Indonesian patchouli and from Chinese Jasmine to French rose. The unique formulas and various pure ingredients turn JANZEN into an essential element in every house. The scents of our products create a pure and relaxing moment when coming home.

Pure moments of happiness

Originated in Grasse, collected all over the world and realised in the Netherlands. A combination of knowledge, craftsmanship, pure ingredients and Northern aesthetics results in: pure moments of happiness.