Scented Candle

135 gram

Atmosphere and light in your interior

Fill your home with light, atmosphere and your favourite fragrance. Nice for peace of mind and an extra dimension in your interior. The perfume is gradually released because of the special wax. Burns for about 35 hours. 


Tip: Ideal for during a meditation session. 

Verkrijgbaar in deze parfums

Sky 11
Earth 46
Coral 58
Sun 81
Skin 90
Grey 04
Black 22
Blue 33
Fuchsia 69
Orange 77
Tips & Veiligheid
Never let candles burn unattended.
Place burning candles at least 10 centimeters apart from each other.
Always use a non-combustible candlestick or coaster. The candle must stand firmly and not fall over.
Never extinguish the candle with water. Water can cause the hot wax to splash.
Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets.
Cut the wick to 1 cm before use. A longer wick can cause the candle to smoke or flare.
Never place candles on a flammable surface or near flammable materials.
Place the candle on a non-flammable coaster.
Always put the candle in an upright position.
Read the instructions before use.
Avoid inhaling smoke directly.
Blow out the candle if the candle wax is 1 centimeter away from the bottom. Heat development can break the glass.

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